“Made in China”

Always some people call “made in china” a cheap and low-quality image, Actully it is not ture,I can sincerily tell you that there are too much misunderstanding, take something for example, your favoriate Iphone or Nokia are all made in China, your lovely shoe and cloth: Nike; Adiddas, are all made in China, the nice PC or Laptop on your table are most made in China ,No matter you choose Dell, HP or Acer, Lenover, you eventually get “made in china”. why can they choose “made in China” and still can keep the high quality, the only point is they find the right supplier .the right supplier continuously provided a top OEM severce with lower price, this is also the main reason why these famous Brand act so successful and competitive in global market,

Now I can loudly announce we are the one who you are looking for helping your success. Because we know the standard of US & European mold well.

First about the moldbase: Always we order the EMP moldbase from LKM, this is a special product for Euro customer, the precision can compete with any moldbase supplier in Europe. most important is that all spare part can be replaced by Hasco standard part. also we customise any type of moldbase accroding to customer’s requirement. material is normally 1.1730,1.2312

the steel material for insert: the regular material we use was1.2767;1.2344;1.2083;1.2343;S136.After heat treatment, the hardness will reach HRC52°+/-2°.normally this serial material can guarantee the mold life arrive 1000000 shots. moreover we can order any material as per customer

Hot runner: just as our customer, we usually use Incore, Syventive, Hasco, Mold-master, Yudo. or follow customer requirement!

Spare part: take the hydraulic cylinder for example, we always use HEB, HYDROPNEU. safety switch: Naglar ws201.Balluf;Latch lock: Strack or Hasco; other part always Hasco standard