The distribution of china plastic injection mold company

Plastic injection Mold Import and Export industry scale in china has reached 4 billion U.S. dollars, of which a considerable import and export levels, were 20 billion dollars. A large number of domestic plastic injection mold industry, the leading private company, private company rise of die mold industry structure in the whole of China a major adjustment, private company in the plastic mold tooling market accounts for the absolute dominance of the industry to accelerate the rapid development of plastic injection mold. Mold industry is not only huge, but grades are increasingly rich, the bright developing prospects.
In the past long time, China’s mold industry imbalance in the distribution of the southeast coastal areas in central and western regions develop faster, faster development in the South in the North, the most concentrated industrial zone of plastic injection mold in the zhujiangr Delta and Changjiang River Delta region , the plastic injection mold industry accounts for around two thirds of the whole china output. Huanghua Mold Park is the first mold in North Park, which played a lead regional mold industry, the development of the Bohai Sea the role of mold industry. Huanghua mold city is now in the Pearl River Delta mold shop upgrade version, but the concentration is far more than the mold base in Shenzhen, Dongguan. Huanghua mold industry on a regional cluster, the upgrade has become a common topic, Mould City, upgrading of enterprises in the transition to grasp the following key points: 1March 28, 2010 -31 days, the approval by the State Ministry of Foreign Trade, by Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association, Shenzhen City, Guang Machinery Co., Ltd. organized the Society of China (Shenzhen) International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM), China ( Shenzhen) International Mold And Products Industry Exhibition (S. Mould), China (Shenzhen) International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (S. Plas) (referred to as SIMM & S. Mould & S

China’s plastic injection mold industry is more start from the zhujiang River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and north to the inland expansion of the industrial layout on some new plastic mold making more concentrated region, Beijing, Tianjin, Changsha, Chengdu, Wuhan, Anhui Medium areas, the development of a new feature gathering  mold Park (city, gathering places, etc.) are emerging. In the eastern region, has formed Kunshan, Wuxi precision mold base industry clusters; Botou, Wuhu automotive Mold base industry clusters; Ningbo, Huangyan, Shenzhen, Dongguan large, precision mold base industry clusters. Luobai Hui said the mold industry in China is widely optimistic in recent years, China’s mold industry accelerated the pace of reform and mechanisms for change, becoming more rational structure, mainly for the large-scale, precision, complex, long-life Mold making standard parts Develop is much faster than the overall industry growth rate; Plastic Mold and a larger proportion of die-casting mold; market-oriented professional mold manufacturers to increase the number and capacity faster; With the deepening of china economic reform, “funded” and the rapid development of private company.
International Mold City has been under construction since 2007, At the current it has 200 small and middle size plastic injection mold supplier, the number of manufacturer is expected in the next 3 to 5 years to more than 800 one settled in the project is completed, will bring together up to 3,000 plastic injection mold of advanced R & D, manufacturing, processing, trade, spare parts company, form a complete mold industrial chain. KS International Mould Town Planning total area of 1700 mu, total construction area of 1,225,000 square meters, total planned investment of about 2,500,000,000 RMB. KS City departments combined mold making industry cluster development plan, is committed to the integration of industrial chain die operations, on the basis of scientific planning, will KS International City into a plastic mold relatively complete industrial chain, both improve facilities, planning and reasonable beautiful environment of independent innovation of China plastic injection Mould industry base, base and industrial trade services supporting base to build the best Chinese manufacture service platform for Mould.
Wuhu two existing industrial parks and RH Auto parts mold concentrated area, three parks (District) has gathered nearly one hundred Chinese and foreign automotive companies. Ended in December 2009, 183 enterprises in Wuhu run plastic injection mold business , the mold production value reach 2,280,000,000RMB, the export reach value 210 million RMB. With the production and processing all kinds of mold, jigs, checking fixtures, tooling equipment, 25,000 tons of capacity, has formed a type of main steel matearial , extrusion mold, Casting mold , Injection mold, die casting mold, inspection tools, fixtures, tooling, but also for OEM production injection molding parts, stamping parts and so on. Existing large gantry-type machining centers and 76 units, 16 sets of large-scale coordinate machines, injection molding machine is nearly 10000 sets. Has a number of various types of vertical machining centers, EDM, wire cutting, general Machine tool , Injection molding and stamping production line, nearly the size of machine with the mold industry, the level of equipment has been further improved.
Rui Hu car dies and mold from the original Fu Zhen, Automobile mold company engaged in automobile parts, inspection and welding jig with the development and production, is the only Anhui full production of A, B-Class companies die. 2009 Rui Hu and Cheng Fei company has a joint venture to integrate science and technology mainly white body mold “Anhui CAC integration Shui Hu Auto Mould Company”, a total investment of 230 million RMB has been put into operation.
Wuhu City in 2009, the value of Home appliance mold production reaches nearly 500 million RMB, 50% of the amount for car mold in then province. Wuhu, Anhui Province has become the most concentrated area for car dies. Wuhu, the center belt area of Anhui province is superior, convenient for transportation, Wuhu, the hope of China’s automobile mold. While tooling industry source of economic growth will drive the industry chain based in Wuhu, And directly affect the Wuhu Economic Development in high speed