Plastic mold factory in China – About some of the requirements of molding

General where the components are placed are requirement.  For example: LCD’s  location can think like this, the lens thickness is 1.50mm, two-sided quote thickness is 0.20mm,  thin surface shell partially dig 0.60mm, then the distance between the outermost LCD is 2.30mm;  Between the elements can not interfere, and distance has requirements.  As clock radio designed for the protection of the reception, the receiving antenna to the distance between the cells require more than 20mm;  For easy to design, component assembly drawing’s the best settings for different colors to distinguish; proper place after all the major components, I suggest, for insurance purposes, please confirm once again for the shape ID effect;

We hope we can do that things without errors in china plastic mold factory.

Also note that the following three issues:
A: molding engineers devised by the overall shape of the product (ODM); by customer choice or self-development.
B: Customer provide design information, such as: IGS files (mostly) or images (OEM).
C: Some of the original shape on the basis of change; by customer choice or self-development.