Plastic Injection Molding China

Sositar Molds and Plastic Ltd is a plastic injection molding factory in China, We can manufacture and assemble your plastic injection molding products as your special specifications. We make new moulds from your CAD files, reverse engineer plastic parts, or design plastic injection molding parts from your description/scope of work. We utilize the latest 3D modeling software and can import designs for any of your plastic injection molding parts. The ability to reverse engineer existing molded parts allows us to build new and improved custom tooling for our customers.

For plastic injection molding in China steel molds are faster and are an economical solution for customers needing to prove out new part and product designs prior to production tooling.

We specialize in plastic injection molding at our China factory to produce a wide variety of products from high-tech parts with very tight tolerances to children’s toys and entrepreneur’s inventions.

High volume plastic injection molding capabilities and precision tool makers in our China Factory enable us to offer very quick-turn times on medium to high volume orders, where we build long-run production molds. In China specialize in high volume plastics injection molding custom plastics jobs. High-end second-op machining and painting is also available. Our plastic injection molding factory in China manufactures very high quality products that are extremely cost effective.

We specializes in plastic injection molding, injection molding plastics design, custom injection molded plastics manufacturing in China at our manufacturing facilities. CAD plastic injection molding design services are performed. This allows us to maintain our design services high quality while keeping costs low.

Digital files and computerized machining are used for tooling of plastic injection molding custom molds. Computerized plastic injection molding machines.

Rapid prototyping capabilities also complement our plastic injection molding capabilities for customers in need of SLS prototypes quickly, for modeling and proof of design or concept. Our rapid prototyping, SLS and custom molding and plastics machining capabilities can get your new designs in solid form in a short amount of time.

We can also assist in identifying which engineering resins or custom-engineered plastics should be used in your products. Some of these could be: PBT, PPS, PPO, LCP, Polysulfone, Nylons, Acetal, Cellulose, Poly-Carbonate and Thermoplastic Elastomers.

If you have any project to do, please contact us now, we can do the best things for you with low price in china!