Plastic injection machine and mold developed very rapidly

In the past years, Plastic injection machine and mold developed very rapidly in china, high efficient, automatically, large-scale, micro, precision, high-life of the mold already exist in the china mold industry, the proportion in china industrial production value is going up every year. Many large and complicated mold already lift china mold a new high level, in my opinion ,most china mold can replace imported mold from Japan. German or USA .mold CAD / CAM technology has been developed faster and faster and have already have a good performance in china mold building, Rapid Prototyping tooling Technology and machine development have made greater progress and has reached the practical stage of promotion, a new generation of manufacturing technology and other high-speed CNC has launched officially and start from idea to manufacture. In so many china mold company’s view, the mold manufacture equipment should be efficient, automated, easy to operate; what is the good mold? The china mold company will answer:  if the mold have a rational fabrication, easy manufacture process, low cost. then it is a good mold. Reasonable processing technology, advanced manufacture equipment, precision injection production is essential three important factors for modern plastic production,

Compare mold and other mechanical products, the important difference is high technology and high net output in the whole proportion.

Injection mold design is part of the fast paced world of injection molding. When working as a mold designer, you must be able to think of new ways of making things, and be flexible and willing to learn new technologies. It might look easy because of the powerful CAD programs, but actually, these programs are merely the tools to help develop your design. In the field of injection mold design you often must develop new and original methods of plastic molding.

As the chemical industry, light industry. The annual growth rate of China mold industry in recent years has been 13% to 15%, and all the industries and every company need more and more mold. The situation of china mold market changes, high levels of mold are needed much more than before. With the whole industrial development, People care more about product quality and appearance that means we already bring higher requirement for china mold companies. Therefore, the combination of specific conditions in China, study from abroad and die and mold manufacturing experience in building, scientific rationalization development of the china mold technique can promote technological progress.

Thermoplastic injection molding is the most important processing methods for work piece production in nowadays.

If the plastic product is processed by this method, Variety and style is much better than other ones. It is a process used in manufacturing to create a variety of parts and components for industries ranging from aerospace to automotive to construction. Thermoplastics, such as epoxy, are heated into a molten resin and then injected into a mold that’s usually made from aluminum, steel or a metal alloy. The molten plastic then gets compressed inside the mold and allowed to cool. Machines remove the plastic component or piece from the mold, and this hardened part can then be used to construct a larger product, such as a child’s toy or an automobile door.
Therefore, the three necessary conditions for injection molding: one must be melt plastic go into the mold cavity; the second is plastic melt must be sufficient pressure and flow to ensure timely and full of every corner of the mold cavity; the third is the need for consistent shape and size of product and to meet the requirements of the mold forming process.

Compared with other molding technology, Injection molding technology has its unique advantages in the following aspects: first, forming the molten plastics material and flow modeling is the difference in the plastic tube and two cavity mold can always condensate quickly, cross linking will help shorten the molding cycle; the other is injecting the plastic melt after lock the mold, Good liquidity liposomal can reduce wear and tear on the mold cavity, which can be molded with a large quantities of complex parts, surface graphics and mark a clear and high dimensional accuracy of products; the third molding process, mold, feeding, all production process are operated by the injection molding machine automatically, so that fully automated injection molding process is easier to control. But we must see the inadequacies of injection molding, due to the cooling conditions, the system is difficult to use this technology without defects, changes in wall thickness has a large thermoplastic products, as injection molding machines and other injection mold equipment is very expensive, initiation molding equipment investment is high, injection molding products are not suitable for small batch production.

Also known as injection molding mold or injection molding, thermoplastic molding is an important method of molding. Except for a handful of several thermoplastics, almost all plastic parts can be molded with this method. Injection Molding of various shapes can be molded to meet the demands of plastic product. It has been successfully applied to some of the thermosetting plastic parts, rubber products, and even other industrial production.

From above, China mold have already developed to a new high level, if you have any mold making requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us, any enquire are welcomed!