OEM Plastics Injection Molding


OEM PVC Plastics Injection Molding

The molded products’ material can be PP, PA, POM, ABS, PET, PC, PE, PA66+GF, PVC, TPE,PC+ABS and so on.

Mold base adopt the standard of LKM / HASCO /DME etc.
Mold material:P20, 738, 738H, 718, 718H, NAK80, 2344, 8407, SKD61, S136 etc.
Surface treatment of the mold: polishing and grain surface
Cavity type: single cavity or multiple cavities
Runner system: hot runner and cold runner
Dimension of the mold: can be made by customers designs
Mold life: 300,000 shots
Designed software: UG, CAD, PROE
Mold process: CNC / Cutting / Carved / EDM/Milling/Threading/Drilling, etc.

Arrangement type: I-section / Straight Body Mould
Project developing procedure:DFM—- 2D structure design—-3D design—–mold machined and processed—-testing –delivery

Injection molding is a manufacturing process for producing parts from both thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials. Materials is fed into a heated barrel, mixed and forced into a mold cavity where it cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity.
Injection molding is widely used for manufacturing a variety of parts from the smallest component to entire body panels of cars.
It can be used from home appliance to electronic parts.
Sositar Mold is competent in offering a wide scope of injection molding service to customers. We can meet your specific requirements in terms of material, size, complexity and volume.

The advantages of Sositar injection molding are:

1. high molding speed adapted for mass production.
2. multiple choices of thermoplastic material, can provide a variety of useful properties.
3. large productivity for mold threading, undercutting, holes drilling
4. within 24 hours reply and timely reply
5. competitive price and reasonable designs