Plastic injection molding, painting, printing, assembly for medical parts

Plastic Injection Molding 

1) Mold Base: LKM / HASCO / LOCAL / DME / etc.
2)Mould material: 718H / S136H / NAK80 /P20/H13/2355 etc, prehardened, hardened and nitrided
3)Cavity: Single / Multi
4)Runner: Hot / Cold
5)Design Software: UG/PRO-E /Solidworks/AuotCAD
6) Mould life: 400,000 shots (depends on steel type)
7)Main processing equipment: CNC / Cutting / Carved / Milling /EDM/Wire cut
8)Mold  types:
Valve Gate
Hot Manifold
Hot to Cold Runner
Cold to Hot Runner
Stack Mold
Fully Automated De-molding
MUD Frame Inserts
Insert Mold
Unscrewing Mold
Thermoset Plastic Compression Mold
Air assist Mold

Hydraulic Core Pull
Hydraulic and Mechanical Unscrewing
Collapsible Cores
Mechanical Slides
Lift Mechanisms
Lift & Twist Mechanisms (for undercut release)
In-Mold Closing

9) Lead time for mold making: 35 – 50days
10) Package: Wooden case

Sositar provide high-quality injection molds, plastic products and services to Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and Middle East. We service a wide range of customers and have head repeated success in variety of industries including automotive, medical, electronic, communication, packaging and more.