Steam curling irons can really be a lifesaver for those with thick, coarse, and hard-to-style hair. Perhaps nothing beats a steam iron in getting strong, curly locks for your hair in record time. But steam curling irons are no miracle items by themselves; they do no magic at all to your hair. It all boils down to some basic principles that enable you to get those luscious curls with your curling iron.

Let’s look a little closer at this steam curling iron and how it can give you the nice, round, luscious curls you want every time in the comforts of your own home with the steam curling irons.

The steam curling irons can help you get luscious sexy curls or waves but you need to prepare your hair adequately before you begin to style it. Oily, dirty hair tends to weigh down the curls and jeopardize the results you are hoping to get from your styling session. If you have damaged or fine hair, do not worry too much. A styling iron would help you get the desired curls without creating much damage to your hair. It makes use of the moisture of the steam to curl your hair into the desired shape. It is best to use a low heat setting though if you have damaged and chemically treated hair. This works best to prevent further damage and dryness.

How to Style Your Hair with Steam Curling Irons

Start by choosing the right level well of heat f or your curling iron. If you have fine hair, choose a low level heat to prevent damage. If you have thick coarse hair, then use a high level heat   Now get a good hair styling  products such  as mousse  and  hairspray  and  apply  a  little  on  your  palms. Rub it in thoroughly.  This helps you to create the style you want and lock it in for a little longer. Start by curling the top part of your hair. Some stylists prefer to start at the bottom, as it is far easier to shape the hair this way. But if this is your first time using those steam curling irons, you may want to start at the bottom to gain a better perspective of what you are getting.

Now start winding the hair around the barrels until is nice and firm. Then hit the button for steam and hold for 8-10 seconds. Finish until all of your hair is curled.  Spray a light mist of hairspray to hold those curls in place.

Steam curling irons works best on dry and damaged hair as it does not dry the hair as normal curling irons would. There are plenty of models out there that you can pick from so it is best to do your research and read reviews before you select one.

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